Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Dara Calleary says that the Fianna Fáil Manifesto sets out a detailed Jobs Package to support and incentivise SMEs.

In government, Fianna Fáil will deliver a Jobs Package that targets 250,000 new jobs by 2021. We will incentivise job creation and bridge the current imbalanced regional jobs spread.

Our Jobs Package is centered on incentivising SMEs and entrepreneurship; equity for the self-employed; protect our Corporate Tax Rate; and advance science & research.

Fianna Fáil offers the most competitive entrepreneurs CGT rate of any political party to make Ireland a premier location to attract entrepreneurs.  We will also end the tax inequity faced by the self-employed by increasing the earned income tax credit to €1,650.

Meanwhile, SMEs continue to be choked for credit. As an immediate action in government, we will create a state enterprise bank by licensing the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI) to lend directly to businesses. Advancing science and research is a core policy for Fianna Fáil. Unlike both Fine Gael and Labour, who have provided no specific funding commitments, we will establish a new five year €300m funding cycle for 3rd level research.

We support fair and decent living wages for all workers. Giving workers more certainty is key and allowing them the right to request more hours of work. We will introduce banded hour contracts and end exploitable zero hour contracts.

Fianna Fáil has put forward a detailed Jobs Package to incentivise job creation in all our communities.  We will:

  • Incentivise job creation by reducing employers PRSI
  • Equalise tax treatment of the self-employed by increasing the earned income tax credit by 300% to €1,650
  • Create a full state enterprise bank by licencing the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI) to lend directly to SMEs
  • Empower entrepreneurs to set up new businesses by providing relief from capital gains tax @10% (up to €15m gains limit)
  • Roll out digital hubs based on the Digital Hub Development Agency model to all local authorities
  • Explore permitting the self-employed to make full A-Class PRSI contributions in order to qualify for Jobseekers Benefit and Invalidity Benefit
  • Expand and diversify apprenticeships
  • Reform JobBridge
  • Reform the current commercial rates system to make it work for businesses
  • Allow Irish SMEs compete for public service contract by creating a Public Procurement Ombudsman
  • Provide access to vacant/underutilised public property to use as incubation centre
  • Establish a new five year funding cycle for 3rd level research of €300million

“Fianna Fáil believes in a country where decent hard working people can thrive, not just survive.  Our vision centres on building an Ireland that will benefit people in every community not just the select few.  Our Jobs Package will ensure an Ireland built on strong, safe and enterprising communities and end the two tier recovery that is leaving many Irish communities behind.  We believe in a balanced recovery, one that recognises the contribution of the regions to the national economy.”

Incentivising Enterprise and Creating Decent Jobs