Fianna Fáil Leader Micheál Martin has encouraged voters to use this Friday’s elections to send a clear message to Government, rejecting their attacks on the sickest and most vulnerable in society and demanding a new, fairer approach.

Speaking from Dublin West where he spent today canvassing with Dáil hopeful Cllr David McGuinness, Deputy Martin commented, “These are important elections. People will select their representatives at the most local level and at European level. In their choice of representatives, the Irish people will send a message to this Government and to the wider European Union.

“By voting for Fianna Fáil candidates, the people can reject the approach this Government has taken and repudiate the way that they have concentrated their attacks on the sickest and most vulnerable in our society. By voting Fianna Fáil they can endorse the need for constructive, solutions based politics and tell this Government and Europe that Ireland demands a fairer way to recovery.

“As I have travelled across the country over recent months, the sense of anger and frustration has been very clear. People feel let down by the political process and are angry that Fine Gael and the Labour Party clearly misled them when seeking office in 2011.

“I would appeal to people to channel that anger in a constructive way and vote Fianna Fáil. I would ask them to vote for the party that is determined that Ireland learns the lessons of the past , is committed to bringing forward constructive alternatives and which has led the way exposing the Government’s broken promises and cruel cuts policies.”