Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Environment Barry Cowen has welcomed the comments of the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin who has called for a public summit on the homelessness crisis following the death of a man close to the Dáil.

Deputy Cowen said: “This is a very welcome intervention from Archbishop Martin. Fianna Fáil supports his call for a public summit or forum that would allow for an emergency debate on the homelessness crisis in Dublin and other parts of the country. We need emergency solutions alongside medium and long-term strategies.

“A series of warnings have already been issued about there being an extreme change in the weather this winter and I am worried that the very unfortunate death of a man this week near the Dáil could well be repeated. Dying on the streets is not a dignified and proper way for anyone to pass away.

“I have sought a special Dáil debate on this issue today. I am urging Minister Alan Kelly to engage with the Dublin City Manager, the Mayor and the Taoiseach’s department to facilitate the forum needed to address this crisis and ensure we have solutions and actions not merely ideas arising from the summit.”