New figures from the Office of Public works reveal that the government has underspent on flood defences by some €53m between 2011 and 2017.

Financial allocations under capital plans for the period 2011-2017 outlined a €45m per annum allocation towards flood defences. However a county by county breakdown of flood defences reveals this allocation was regularly missed; with a total underspend of €53m.

The stats were revealed through PQs by Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Flooding Eugene Murphy.

“These figures reveal a serious underspend in a critical area. The €53m deficit highlights the gap between government spin on capital spending and the reality on the ground. This underspend covers both minor and major works which are vital to protecting homes and properties from flooding”, said Deputy Murphy.

“Flood defences are increasingly important in tackling climate change yet the spin obsessed government has failed to live up to its financial commitments.

“We need to factor this in in light of the upcoming national development plan. The €5m government spin unit will outline a series of expensive projects but will they deliver? These figures expose the gap between government plans and government delivery.   This issue is too important to be trivialised.  We’ve had enough spin, we need to see delivery”.