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FG/Lab policies decimating rural Ireland


With Garda station closures, small schools under threat, hospital services stretched to breaking point and LEADER cuts, rural communities feel that they have to fight to maintain even basic public services, more often than not, because they have been labelled ‘inefficient’ by Fine Gael and Labour Ministerial advisers.

Meanwhile the two tier economic recovery is leaving behind large parts of the country which have already borne the brunt of the recession, with concentrated growth and highly unequal job creation across the island.The cumulative impact of these short-term policies has been to lessen the attractiveness of living and working in rural areas, especially for young families. (more…)

Labour’s failure to tackle rental and homeless Crisis

Barry Rent Certainty 31

The explosion in rents – with increases of 9% throughout the country and  11% in Dublin since January – is the number one reason for the five-fold increase in the number of homeless families this year, with 700 families including 1500 children currently living in emergency accommodation.

The homelessness calamity will be made much worse by Minister Joan Burton’s decision not to allow  a marginal increase in supplement thresholds for families to afford rising rents. (more…)

Government attempting to mislead parents on preschool expansion

Robert Troy ECCE scheme

The expansion of the free preschool scheme for children between the ages three to five and a half in Budget 2016 is not what it seems and will not enable children to undertake a Second Free Preschool Year as the government has spun.

Fine Gael and Labour are attempting to mislead parents with these Budget announcements; in reality there will not be a dramatic expansion of free preschool under these changes.


Fine Gael/Labour decisions behind rural crime spree

Rural crime continues to soar within the state thanks to FG and Labour policy. Burglary offences are up by 2,241 or 8.4% in the past year.
FG/Lab closed 139 Garda stations saving a measly €556,000 per year while rural communities are left unprotected.
Read Fianna Fáil plan for tackling rural crime.

FG/Labour have no solutions to deteriorating hospital waiting lists

This government has presided over an explosion in waiting times for hospital care. Even since this time last year, there has been a five fold increase in inpatient/day cases and a 60% increase in outpatients waiting over a year.


Government fantasy figures on social housing


Labour Ministers’ regressive education policies

Despite having two Labour Ministers at the helm, this government’s education policies have been extremely regressive, widening education inequality.

Since 2011, it implemented a series of short-sighted cuts which have impacted heavily on students from disadvantaged backgrounds,  such those to SNA and Resource Teaching supports, Guidance Counselling provision and most especially, to programmes for combating education disadvantage.


Overburdened classes put children’s education at risk

Class rooms are grossly over-burdened throughout the country, with a shocking 125,000 (or one in five) primary school pupils being taught in “super-size” classes of over 30 students which was up from 96,000 in 2006/2007.


Fianna Fáil plan for making childcare affordable

Fine Gael and Labour have substantially under-invested in childcare and education, with the result being crippling childcare costs for families; on average €16,500 for two children per year (47% of average industrial wage), by far the highest in the EU.

Fianna Fáil will introduce a progressive childcare tax credit (‘Childcare Support Credit’) for working parents, which would cover 20 to 40 per cent of a family’s costs of childcare.


Social Housing construction under Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael/Labour compared

Minister Kelly continually claims the government inherited the legacy of a low rate of social housing construction, however this is a complete fabrication.

Under Fianna Fáil from 2007-2010, 14,581 new social housing units were constructed nationwide. By contrast under Fine Gael and Labour, from 2011 to end 2014, a paltry 1,252 housing units were constructed. (more…)

Government could LOSE over €70m on domestic water charges

We estimate that based on the current compliance rates and publicly available information on the costs associated with water charges net revenue from domestic water charges in 2015 will amount to €71 million LOSS to the exchequer (see breakdown here).

This represents an incredible waste of public resources.

It is time for the government to call a halt to the fiasco that has been Irish Water.

Getting rid of the Banker’s Veto on debt deals

The personal insolvency regime introduced by the government has been a complete failure and needs to be changed.


Getting rid of the Irish Water Money Pit

Irish Water has been a complete disaster from the get go. It cost €180m to set up with over €90m going on bloated consultancy fees. €300m is being siphoned off the Motor Taxation fund, paid by ordinary motorists, in order to fund Irish Water day to day.


Getting to the bottom of Siteserv

Revelations about the sale of Siteserv raise serious questions over the attitude this government has taken to the sale of state assets. Information has been dragged kicking and screaming from Minister Noonan on the details involved in this major sell off. Serious questions remain over the issue such as why there was a massive €5m pay out to shareholders and what caused the dramatic surge in share trading in Siteserv prior to its sale?

Fianna Fáil believes an independent inquiry is the only way to establish if the interests of the taxpayer were fully protected. The current investigation proposed by the Minister for Finance is entirely inadequate and is hampered by conflicts of interest.

fianna fail supporting home ownership

Supporting Home Ownership

For first time buyers starting out, families struggling with mortgages or low income households trying to secure a place to call home, home ownership is disappearing from view.

Fianna Fáil believes that home ownership is good for families and good for communities.


Tackling Social Housing Waiting Lists

Over 130,000 people are languishing on the social housing waiting list. This means families have no firm place to call home and raise their children. Minister Alan Kelly and Paudie Coffey have been like two bald men fighting over a comb trying to claim credit for houses that don’t exist.