Dublin South West TD and Fianna Fáil Spokesperson for Dublin, John Lahart has expressed his support for the full retention of emergency services provided by Dublin Fire Brigade across the city and county.

The Deputy made his comments after securing a special Dáil debate with Fianna Fáil TDs, Sean Haughey and Darragh O’Brien on the future of Dublin Fire Brigade Ambulance Services.

“Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) has been providing crucial integrated Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Ambulance services to the four Dublin local authorities since 1898. Almost 800 trained firefighter paramedics work 24/7, 365 days a year to provide immediate medical assistance to members of public in need of treatment,” explained the Deputy.

“DFB have a long, excellent history of patient centred care and best practice. In fact in a submission made to the EU Court of Justice, it was suggested that the model of emergency response which is ‘concentrated in one public body is an advantage in terms of health and public safety.

“I am therefore deeply concerned by plans revealed by the HSE which propose to remove the delivery of Dublin’s ambulance service from DFB and instead merge the service with the National Ambulance Service.
“The additional proposal to transfer the delivery of services from the DFB call centre would have huge implication on the safe management of an already large volume of 999 EMS calls.

“Removing any element of DFB’s fire based EMS system will have an adverse effect on safeguarding those in our communities. My party and I strongly oppose any move to withdraw resources during a period of increased responsibility and de-creasing budgets. Instead, a direct funding mechanism should be designed to allow Dublin Fire Brigade to continue to operate all areas of DFB’s fire based EMS service.

“We must enable the almost 1,000 personnel employed, to maximise service delivery and provide greater efficiency to protect those in fire stations across Dublin who provide a full-time fire, rescue, and ambulance service which serves our whole community,” concluded the Deputy.