Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Dublin Senator Darragh O’Brien has called on the Environment Minister Phil Hogan and Energy Minister Pat Rabbitte to contact their counterparts in Westminster amid concerns of increased radioactivity at Sellafield.

“Any potential health risk at Sellafield is of significant concern to Ireland. The site is just 180km from our coastline and communities across the east coast will of course be worried about reports of increased radioactivity so close to our shores,” said Senator O’Brien.

“There are conflicting reports about whether or not this is something to worry about. While we have been assured by the Department of the Environemnt that the elevated levels do not pose an immediate risk to communities here, the risk was substantial enough for Sellafield to evacuate all non-essential staff.

“This latest incident is a reminder of the need for the Irish Government to take a more proactive role in protecting our communities from any future threats at Sellafield. Given the site’s proximity to our shores, it is crucial that the British Government is forced to consider our concerns in the context of any developments or incidents at Sellafield.

“I am urging the Environment Minister Phil Hogan to take a lead role in this. It’s his responsibility to ensure regular and positive engagement with the British Government on this very important issue.”