Fianna Fáil Councillor Paul Foley has secured agreement from South Dublin County Council to change its protocol on removing graffiti on private property that faces onto public areas.

The Templeogue Councillor tabled a motion demanding the change, saying it is completely unfair that homeowners are left with the sole responsibility for graffiti on their property even if they share a wall with a laneway, park or other public area.

“I know of several houses, schools or churches in my own area that have a laneway running alongside them or that back onto a public green or public area. These are prime targets for vandals and they inevitably end up defaced with graffiti. Until now the walls or side entrances have been treated as the sole private property of the homeowner and the Council has no responsibility in cleaning up the mess,” said Cllr Foley.

“This is very unfair given that many of these property owners don’t have the means or expertise required to clean the graffiti themselves. I believe that just as the Council is liable to clean up graffiti in public areas, it should also play a role in cleaning up graffiti on private property that faces a strategic public area. The whole community suffers when a public area is left unsightly and the Council must play a role in addressing this.

“I am delighted that the Council, on foot of my motion, has now agreed to work with property owners to agree a means of removing this graffiti.”