Speaking ahead of the Party’s upcoming two day meeting in Carlow, Fianna Fáil Parliamentary Party Chairman Brendan Smith TD set out the issues and speakers that will comprise the agenda for the event.

Deputy Smith commented, “As we prepare for the Dáil term ahead, it is clear that two issues in particular will dominate political thinking – the ongoing housing emergency and the unfolding impact of the Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.

“Fianna Fáil is determined to make a significant and informed contribution to both debates and for that reason a significant portion of the agenda for our special Parliamentary Party meeting will look at these issues.  With the publication of the Government’s education strategy and its obvious shortcomings, we will also be spending time looking at the challenges facing the education sector.

“The lack of credit available to farming families and rural businesses is emerging as a problem across the country and we will hear from the Irish League of Credit Unions on ideas for dealing with the issue.  Finally, as social media plays an ever greater role in the interaction between voters and their representatives, we will hear from Twitter on how to make the most of the platform as a conduit with our constituents.

“In the newly reformed Dáil and with the new dynamics presented by the results of the recent General Election, all Parties have the chance to make a significant and constructive impact over the coming term.  In Fianna Fáil we are determined to make the very most of these opportunities”.