“I will work for a change in the EU Postal Services Directive to guarantee a satisfactory Post Office network for Ireland, if I am elected to the European Parliament”,  Fianna Fáil’s MEP candidate for Midlands North West, Thomas Byrne, has said.

“The European Union’s Postal Services Directive legally obliges member states to guarantee the provision of a high quality and affordable universal postal service on five working days a week and with at least one collection and delivery each day to homes and businesses. It would be entirely logical and consistent with the Directive to go one step further and also oblige member states to guarantee a satisfactory network of post offices. A robust post office network is an integral part of a quality postal service.

Senator Thomas Byrne was speaking in Tuam, county Galway at a public meeting organised by the Post Office Action Group. More than four hundred people attended the meeting.

Senator Byrne said, “Post offices play an invaluable role as the focal point for community and commercial activity in urban and rural Ireland, as well as being an important strategic state asset. If I am elected to the European Parliament, I will work to create a coalition of MEPs from member states in support of an amendment to the Postal Services Directive that would create a legal framework in support of the post office network.