Fianna Fáil Leader, Micheál Martin has paid tribute to Ireland’s front line and emergency services as the country faces into one of the most severe cold snaps in recent decades.

“Over the past 48 hours, we have seen the very best of our State’s public service. They have gone about their jobs diligently and with courage.

“Whether it’s local authority workers, An Garda Siochána, the National Ambulance Service, the wider Health Service, the Civil Defence, the Defence Forces, workers in our transport companies, or those keeping the lights on or keeping us connected, they are ensuring that our country keeps moving and that our fellow citizens are kept safe.

“While we have not seen the full brunt of Storm Emma yet, I am confident that each and every person working on behalf of the State will continue to serve with diligence, commitment and indeed bravery.

“Unfortunately, it is only at times like this, when crises emerge, do we usually acknowledge their work and service. On behalf of my party and of myself personally, I want each and every one of them to know that we are incredibly grateful to them.

“I want, in particular, to thank the families of our front line and emergency workers. They share their loved ones with the State, and it must be particularly difficult for them to see them head off into the storm to ensure that their neighbours and community are safe when all they want is for their loved ones to be at home with them.

“Go raibh mile maith agaibh,” concluded Martin.