Fianna Fáil Deputy Leader Dara Calleary has introduced a Bill in the Dáil that will improve safety on quad bikes.  There are currently no laws to require manufacturers or owners to have roll cages on their All Terrain Vehicles (quads).

Deputy Calleary explained, “Earlier this year the County Coroner in Mayo recommended implementing anti-roll bars on quad bikes, following the tragic death of a farmer.  Sadly, this was not a unique case.  15% of all farm machinery deaths between 2007-2016 were due to quad accidents.  A major factor in these deaths was the loss of control of the vehicle resulting in the driver being crushed or pinned by the bike.

“The current situation whereby there are no laws governing the safety of these vehicles cannot continue.  The All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Bill 2018 makes it mandatory for quad bikes to have anti-roll bars and will make protective headgear compulsory for anyone driving them.

“Australia is one country which is also taking action to address this issue, while in the US, some states have set minimum age limits on their use. We cannot sit back and ignore a problem which is claiming lives.  This Bill sets out the need for anti-roll bars, while also making protective headgear mandatory.  Safety standards must be improved and this Bill is the first step in addressing the safety issues with quad bikes.

“I will be seeking support from my Dáil colleagues as well as key stakeholders to progress the legislation so that it can be enacted as quickly as possible to prevent more lives being lost”.