Fianna Fáil Dublin West TD, Jack Chambers has said it is essential that those who have suffered injuries as a result of the ingestion of Thalidomide are no longer restricted by the Statute of Limitations in attempting to take their cases to court.

He added that the injuries caused to them by their mother’s ingestion of Thalidomide during the period of gestation should be deemed disability.

The Deputy introduced the Statute of Limitations Amendment Bill 2018 in Dáil Éireann this afternoon, to ensure that those who have suffered as a result of maternal ingestion of Thalidomide are not excluded from pursuing their cases for injuries in the High Court.

“The Irish State, through the Irish Thalidomide Medical Assessment Board of the 1960s, outright failed to acknowledge many of those who were injured through the ingestion of Thalidomide by their mothers. Fifty years on, victims are still emerging as a consequence of the cover-up of patient records,” commented Deputy Chambers.

“These victims are yet to be appropriately by the Health Service Executive or the Minister for Health. In fact, the Minister has been trying to retain the current obstacle in time limits to restrict survivors of Thalidomide taking High Court action. Given that these victims have never received any remedy or contribution from the State they should at very least have the right to have their case to be heard before the courts.

“Amending the Act is therefore hugely important and essential to give Thalidomide victims the opportunity to pursue their cases without being barred by the Statute of Limitations.

“Today’s proposal to introduce an amendment is just one step towards rightful compensation; these victims must now prove their cases in court decades on,” he concluded.