Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Brexit Lisa Chambers as expressed alarm and concern following the British government’s decision to accept four amendments put forward by hard-line Conservative and DUP Brexiteers, which effectively renders last week’s Chequers deal redundant.

The amendments effectively make a backstop agreement illegal, and could see the UK crash out of the EU next March.

Deputy Chambers commented, “The decision by the British Prime Minister to accept these amendments is extremely worrying and could end the possibility of securing a successful withdrawal agreement between the EU and UK.  This move is the latest in a series of position changes by the British government and has cast doubt over the ability of the negotiations to deliver on a legally binding backstop.

“Without a backstop, there can be no withdrawal treaty or transition period, which would be utterly chaotic for all stakeholders concerned.

“I sincerely hope that the Irish government has held discussions with Prime Minister May this evening to seek clarification on this latest unwelcome development.

“It is imperative that the two governments liaise with each other to ensure the best possible outcome for Ireland, the UK and the EU”.