Fianna Fáil TD for Tipperary Jackie Cahill says his Party’s new education policy will ensure higher standards in our education system and will see better supports for students and teachers.

Over the past eight years, our education system has struggled to meet the demands placed on it. This policy aims to streamline these demands by ensuring that the necessary supports are made available.

Deputy Cahill said, “Teachers in Tipperary say they are no longer able to meet the demands of the new reforms, which have been introduced through circulars over recent years simply because the resources and supports needed are simply not being allocated by government. Schools across the county have been expected to do more with less, and this is no longer sustainable.

“There is a now a very real problem with the recruitment and retention of teachers in Ireland. The situation is particularly problematic in rural areas. We need to look at measures to bring back the teaching diaspora, to establish substitute panels; and we need to reform elements of teacher training to encourage more people to become teachers.

“The savings and efficiencies which were possible in 2012 are simply no longer possible, and students are suffering as a result. Schools are coming under increasing pressure to implement new changes, which have been issued through a series of circulars over recent years.

“What is needed now is a period of structured stabilisation and consolidation. Without this we risk furthering a situation where government policies differ greatly from the reality on the ground.

“This policy sets out our vision for the future of education and outs a renewed focus on quality teaching and learning, and which provides the necessary supports for our students and teachers”, concluded Deputy Cahill.