Fianna Fáil is to highlight the ever increasing cost of insurance during its Private Members time in the Dáil this week.  It’s brought forward a motion to demand Government action on spiralling costs for motorists, homeowners and businesses, as premiums across the board are continuing to rise.

Donegal TD Charlie McConalogue explained, “People contact my office every single week after having received their insurance renewal, worried about how they’ll pay the increased costs and trying to work out what their next move it.  In some cases, the premiums have risen so much that people simply cannot afford them and are contemplating giving up their car or even continuing to drive without insurance.  We cannot allow this situation to continue and the time for action is now.

“Businesses are also being hit – and in some cases on the double.  Not only is their fleet insurance increasing, other essential insurance cover such as public liability and employer liability have also risen significantly – by as much as 15%.  These are costs that small businesses can simply not afford and which are impacting on competiveness.

“Insurance costs have been spiralling out of control for years, but the last Fine Gael Government sat back and ignored the problem.  Almost a year ago  a Fianna Fáil Dáil motion urging the Government to act on this issue was passed in the Dáil, which was the catalyst for the establishment of the Cost of Insurance Working Group.  Its report was published in January but the implementation of the recommendations has been slow and there has been next to no movement on tackling business costs.

“We cannot allow these costs rise unabated; we must ensure that Ireland remains a competitive place to both live and work.  The Government cannot continue to be allowed to dodge the issue.  The reality of the situation is that premiums are no longer affordable – and families are struggling to meet payments for an essential service.  The action points set out in the Report on the Cost of Motor Insurance must be implemented without delay”.