Fianna Fáil has called on Fine Gael Deputy John Paul Phelan to remove his Seanad abolition posters in his Carlow-Kilkenny constituency, after he admitted that a key claim on the posters is incorrect.

Fianna Fáil’s Director of Elections Niall Collins commented, “Deputy Phelan has quite rightly admitted that Fine Gael is misleading voters by claiming that abolishing the Seanad will save €20 million.  He has noted that this claim is one of the most ‘striking’ elements of his party’s campaign and he has said it is an ‘erroneous’ argument.

“The Fine Gael posters use the €20 million figure as the top reason to convince voters to abolish the Seanad next month..  Given that Deputy Phelan has confessed that scrapping the Seanad will not save anywhere near €20 million, will he remove the party’s propaganda that proudly boasts this false claim in his own constituency? Or will he continue to allow voters in Carlow-Kilkenny to be misled by his party?

“Fine Gael is relying on misleading claims and threats to push voters into abolishing the Seanad next month.  Voters will not be fooled by these cynical tactics.  I am urging people to stand up and demand real reform by voting No on October 4th.”