Fianna Fáil has called on the Environment Minister Phil Hogan to intervene in the ongoing crisis with the Dublin water supply.

The party’s Environment Spokesperson Barry Cowen has said the lack of accountability over the water chaos in Dublin is adding to the distress of homeowners and businesses across the region.

“Minister Hogan still hasn’t provided any certainty to homeowners and businesses across the Dublin region affected by the current chaos.  It seems the Minister, who is supposed to be heading up major plans on water reform, is happy to take a back seat and blame ‘technical’ issues when something goes wrong,” said Deputy Cowen. 

“The lack of political and institutional accountability adds to our concerns about the Government’s strategy on water reform.  The primary focus of policy makers in this area should be on delivering a water infrastructure that is fit for purpose.  Instead, the Government’s entire focus has been on revenue generation and setting up a new corporate entity, with little regard for customers.

“The disconnect between the political world and the reality on the ground is stark.  While Minister Hogan permits Irish Water to run glossy and expensive advertising campaigns, people in Dublin are being told not to wash their clothes due a lack of water. 

“What’s happening in Dublin at the moment is nothing new and it is not unique to the capital.  There are chronic problems with the water infrastructure in many parts of the country.  When Irish Water was established, its priority was supposed to be on carrying out a full audit of the water system across the country and addressing major supply problems.  This still hasn’t happened, but the Government is still content to push ahead with charges from next year.

“Minister Hogan needs to take the lead in resolving this.  It is not good enough that homes and businesses across Dublin remain completely in the dark about when these problems will be resolved and what is being done to ensure that this level of disruption never happens again.”