Fianna Fáil used its Private Members Business in Dáil Éireann this week to debate the North Inner City Development Authority Bill 2018 at second stage.

The party’s General Election Candidate in Dublin Central, Mary Fitzpatrick said, “As is the case in every community, the future of those living within it depends on the level of long-term investment.

“The Mulvey Report, commissioned to respond to profound challenges in the inner city, was published a long time ago and yet our area is still crippled by poverty and deep inequality. There was real hope that the immense challenges faced during that time would spur the State into action once and for all.

“Sadly, there have been plenty of opportunities since for the State to commit to the regeneration of the area on a long-term basis but they’ve been ignored.

“A number of key development projects including Parnell Square, the Moore Street National Monument, O’Connell Street and Sean McDermott Street have stalled. An abundance of State owned land across Dublin Central lays unutilised while more and more locals cry out for good quality housing.

“I have been urging the Government to take a lead on developing this land for a very long time but those calls on fallen on deaf ears. It’s frustrating that there is supposed to be a Government Minister from the area advocating for the North Inner City but there’s been no steady or sustainable level of funding dedicated to rejuvenating these communities.

“If our bill is adopted it will require a statutory body to adhere to a minimum ten-year commitment to regenerating the area. It’s my view that this is desperately needed to truly fulfil the potential of the heart of our Capital and secure a bright future for those living here,” she concluded.