Liam Aylward, MEP for Ireland East has welcomed the decision of the European Parliament to strengthen actions, though law, cooperation and good practice, to combat illegal or harmful content and ensure that children are protected online.

Speaking following a key debate on cyber bullying in the European Parliament this week, the Ireland East MEP stated:

“The majority of children use a computer daily to play or do their homework and many run the risk of exposure to violence, fraud and cyber bulling, of which their parents and teachers are often unaware.”

The European Parliament approved with a huge majority the Report on “Protecting Children in the Digital World”.  This key Report recommends education in new digital media for children, but equally for parents and teachers, be included in formal and informal education programmes.

“I fully support the recommendations in this Report for increased education and awareness of both the benefits and dangers of the internet and also for technologies designed for prevent children from accessing content inappropriate for their age, such as parental control tools or age verification systems, to be improved and strengthened.”

“It is important that policymakers assist parents, educators and communities in addressing the challenges and problems facing children in the digital world and that policy keeps up with technological advancements.”

“It is also essential that it is made easier to report illegal content or abuse and for cross border measures in this regard to be increased given the nature of the digital world.”