Local Fianna Fáil Dublin City Councillor and General Election candidate, Paul McAuliffe has said that the funding allocated as part of the Enterprise Ireland Regional Development fund to conduct a feasibility study into a food preparation hub, has the potential to support a local food industry in the area.

McAuliffe was commenting after being informed that Enterprise Ireland, under its regional development fund, had allocated €11,000 to fund a feasibility study into a new food preparation hub in the North Dublin village of Ballymun.

He added, “The new funding, which will see a feasibility study into the potential for a food preparation hub in Ballymun, has the capacity to deliver many new jobs and opportunities for our community.

“This is a highly positive move and one which highlights the possibilities that Ballymun has when given the chance.

“I am confident that the outcome of the study will include a positive recommendation and that additional funding can be secured to develop a facility that will support many new local, food-based, businesses to develop and flourish.

“Not every job can, and should, be located in the city centre. Well paying, quality jobs in the heart of Ballymun are a crucial way of supporting the continuing redevelopment of the area.

“Regenerating the local economy is as crucial to the development of Ballymun as the housing and infrastructural regeneration that was started by the last Fianna Fáil government.

“I am confident that the feasibility study will kick start a new locally based food industry in Ballymun, and will ultimately lead to decreasing long term unemployment in Ballymun,” concluded McAuliffe.