Fianna Fáil Jobs and Enterprise Spokesperson, Niall Collins TD has said that Minister spokesperson Mitchell O’Connor’s emigrant tax stunt is just another rehashed kite flying exercise by a party lacking in original ideas.

Fine Gael floated similar proposals in the past. Only 12 months ago, a similar proposal was proposed by the Minister’s predecessor, Richard Bruton, in advance of Budget 2016.

“There’s nothing original in Minister Mitchell O’Connor’s proposal and its sole purpose is to distract the Irish people from the real barriers stopping skilled talent returning to Ireland – the spiralling cost of living.”

“A severe lack of affordable housing, massive hikes in health and motor insurance, spiralling childcare and transport costs are the reasons why Irish emigrants are slow to return home to Ireland.”

“Back of the envelope proposals, like this, shows just how out of touch Fine Gael is. Quality public services, and a fair taxation system, will act as the catalysts for people living outside of Ireland to return home.”

“The Minister needs to stop rehashing gimmicks from Fine Gael’s failed election playbook. The election is over and now is the time for Minister Mitchell O’Connor, and her Government colleagues to come up with concrete, sustainable proposals, to make living in Ireland a possibility again,” concluded Collins.