The second quarter economic growth figures published today by the CSO confirm that the implementation of the right policies can secure Ireland’s economic recovery, according to Fianna Fáil Finance Spokesperson Michael McGrath.

Deputy McGrath stated, ‘Today’s economic data is encouraging news, and demonstrates that repairing the public finances, reforming our banking system and making Ireland more competitiveness, were and remain the right policies. By pursuing these policies, the previous Government laid solid foundations for Ireland’s economic recovery and we now have confirmation of 1.6% GDP growth and 1.1% GNP growth in the second quarter of the year. 

‘It remains the case that the real sign of an economic turnaround will be a reduction in the unemployment figures and this has to be the top priority for Government going forward.

‘As the largest opposition party, Fianna Fáil will continue to play a positive and constructive role in Ireland’s economic recovery. In contrast, Sinn Féin continues to pursue a policy of fairytale economics, advocating the tearing up of the EU / IMF funding programme – removing the very lifeline that supports the provision of basic services in the State. Their banking policy would shut down the very financial institutions that keep the wheels of commerce moving.

‘Ireland needs a Government and an opposition that is responsible and realistic. Fianna Fáil will play its part by supporting the Government when we feel they are pursuing the right policies and vigorously holding them to account when we believe the wrong decisions are being made. A policy of outright negativity and total opposition might be popular, but will not create a single job or help in any way to build a better future for our people.’