Fianna Fáil Local Election candidate in Dublin’s North Inner City, Brian Mohan has said the residents of East Wall are becoming increasingly frustrated with the public parking arrangements in their area.

Commenting this evening, Mohan said, “East Wall continues to expand as an attractive area for commercial investment given its location and prime strategic worth. Docklands Innovation Park and the Beckett are among the big number of office buildings that have cropped up in recent years and have brought thousands of employees to the area.

“The consequences of this tend to vary and I don’t think anyone can deny the regeneration or the facelift that these developments have brought to the whole Dublin 3 district. However, the long-term residents, many of which have been born and bred here or reside in family homes that have come through generations, are having to deal with the less pleasant aspects of large scale corporate investment in their area.

“The battle to keep their parking space for which they have a permit is now hassle for these tenants and homeowners at least twice daily. Those employed in the nearby office blocks or the people visiting for meetings need to be made more aware that they are on primarily residential streets and not in a private car park.

“One such way would be for Dublin City Council officials to more stringently enforce clamping on illegally parked cars and on vehicles without a valid permit. Those returning home after work, those with young children or caring for someone elderly shouldn’t be forced to either pay for alternative parking or drive in circles to find somewhere else to park because their space has been illegally taken.

He added, “It is good news that the Local Authority has just appointed an engineer to survey the area and it’s crucial that the needs of residents are kept at the centre of any plans going forward. It’s important that a solution to this problem is identified so that residents no longer suffer.”