Reflecting on the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, Fianna Fáil’s European Affairs Spokesperson, Sean Haughey TD said, “It is difficult to comprehend the DUP’s opposition to this agreement, apparently on ideological grounds.

“The DUP would appear to be adhering to once reliable certainties that are now simply outdated in today’s globalised and interdependent world. I understand that unionism may feel uncomfortable with the shifting dynamics following the destabilising Brexit vote, but for the good of their citizens, they need to be open to the reality that what is on offer is an excellent deal.

“It does not threaten their constitutional identity and gives Northern Ireland the potential to really move forward as an investment location.

“I believe that one of the reasons for the disconnect between the current position of the DUP and the express view of the business and farming sectors in the North is the absence of the Executive and the Assembly. It cannot be emphasised enough that everything possible should be done to get the institutions in Northern Ireland back up and running.

“This draft withdrawal agreement offers us the best possible prospect of minimising the damage that could be done to our economy. I fully expect the draft agreement to be accepted by all 27 member states this coming Sunday.

“In the difficult circumstance that Britain not secure a deal, we must remain prudent and composed. For now, let us hope that the deal on the table succeeds this weekend,” he concluded.