South Dublin County Councillor Trevor Gilligan has said it is now clear that Minister Reilly’s handling of the Primary Care debacle has directly disadvantaged communities in Clondalkin.

It’s emerged that the proposed Rowlagh Primary Care Centre was dropped from a priority list for State investment and earmarked for private investment with State support.

Cllr. Gilligan commented: “Government TD’s in Dublin Mid-West should be livid at Minister Reilly’s stroke politics, removing the Rowlagh Primary Health Care Centre from the Capital programme. Local TD’s are making promises now that they cannot keep – we could be waiting another 10 years for a PPP. Dropping Rowlagh down the priority list in the hope of securing private investment is not the way to go.

“There has been lots of talk about the Rowlagh Primary Health Care Centre but have seen no action from government. The people of North Clondalkin are outraged at what has happened and I am extremely disappointed at the lack of action taken by our local TD’s here in Dublin Mid West They must now reconsider their support for Minister Reilly.

“Fianna Fáil has no confidence in James Reilly as Minister for Health. We previously put forward a motion of no confidence in the Minister only to see TDs from Dublin-West troop through the Dáil lobbies to back the Minister. James Reilly is not the right person to deliver real, transparent, positive reform in our health service. His handling of the primary care issue is just one example of the dysfunction he has brought to the Department of Health.

“James Reilly has decided Rowlagh is not a priority for him and the local TDs should show him the same level of commitment and support Fianna Fáil’s position that Minister Reilly should be removed from office.”