Fianna Fáil motion demands talks with Minister and Irish Water executives

Councillors told city faces 10 year wait for replacement water source



Dublin City Councillors have unanimously backed a motion on the water crisis facing the capital.

The emergency motion, tabled by Fianna Fáil, will see the Environment Minister and executives from Irish Water brought before the Council in the weeks ahead.

Councillors met tonight for the first time since the four local authorities in Dublin were forced to restrict supply because of problems at the Ballymore Eustace treatment plant.

Fianna Fáil Leader on the Council Mary Fitzpatrick commented: “I’m very pleased Councillors from all parties as well as independents supported our motion tonight.  We need to deal with the water crisis affecting the city, not just the immediate problem but in the longer term.

“We learned tonight from the City Engineer that it will be 10 years before an alternative water source to support Dublin is in place.  The city needs a reliable and effective water supply but instead of prioritising this the Government is spending time and precious money on metering households.

“Businesses in Dublin, who already pay high water rates, have been losing money during this latest crisis and households are now expected to pay for water next year with no guarantees that the service disruption we’ve seen this week will not be repeated. The warning tonight from the City Engineer that the water supply for the capital will effectively exist on a knife-edge for the next decade is unacceptable.

“As a result of our motion being passed tonight the City Manager will now issue invitations to the Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan and Irish Water to come before a meeting of the City Council to discuss the current problem at the Ballymore Eustace treatment plant and the future situation facing the future supply of water for Dublin.”