There have been serious overcrowding issues on the 25B bus route outside Adamstown Community College around the finishing times of the Community School, according to Fianna Fáil TD for Dublin Mid-West John Curran.

Deputy Curran said “Many concerned parents contacted my office in relation to this matter. They were concerned for their children’s safety and wellbeing on their route home from school.

As a result I have contacted Dublin Bus on the matter and I now welcome the decision of Dublin Bus to meet with the school principal of Adamstown Community College and also South Dublin County Council Engineer to come up with a solution to this problem as a matter of urgency.

Dublin Bus currently operates a 30 minute service on the 25B route with an additional school time service on the 25d route. During School term Dublin Bus provides an extra service to cater for demand; this service operates around the finishing times of the Community School. However all these extra services are not alleviating the overcrowding issue and in the interest of health and safety and the provision of a quality bus service something must be done to alleviate overcrowding on the 25B Route.

Dublin Bus have contracted a School Bus to operate from the Community School, however there seems to be an issue regarding parking of this bus which has led to the take up for this service being poor. There is also a parking issue with parents picking up students which hamper bus services operating in the area.

I am urging the relevant parties to come together as a matter of urgency as this new school term begins to sort this issue out. I appears to be a management issue of parking and logistics as opposed to a lack of services”, concluded Deputy Curran.