Since he became Minister for Transport, Leo Varadkar seems to have developed an uncanny knack for being the Minister who has cancelled project after project to improve the rail service for Dublin West commuters. Now the last remaining rail project is in jeopardy. This poor record, coupled with his decision to raise bus and train fares means that Minister Varadkar scores poorly in his first year report card, according to Cllr David McGuinness.

Cllr McGuinness said, “It is quite strange that a politician who represents Dublin West, and who has now been Minister in charge of rail transport for nearly 12 months, has managed to oversee the cancellation of 4 out of 5 planned rail projects for the area.  

Since taking office, significant projects that have fallen by the side are:

  • Metro North,
  • the DART Interconnector,
  • Metro West, and
  • the Rail Electification of the Maynooth train line which would have allowed DART-style services for Dublin 15.

All of these projects would have significantly improved the public transport network for people living in Dublin West.

It is now very worrying that the Luas extension to Broombridge is in jeopardy. This extension, if completed, will connect Dublin 15 commuters to the Luas network at Broombridge. Minister Varadkar must fight to ensure it is not also cancelled. I am calling on him to take control of the situation to ensure that Dublin 15 commuters will be able to transfer in Broombridge to Luas services to places such as Heuston Station, Tallaght, Dundrum and elsewhere.