Fianna Fáil Environment Spokesperson Barry Cowen TD has responded to the emergence of a draft EU Commission report on the establishment of Irish Water.

The report appears to echo Fianna Fáil’s criticism of the Government’s strategy and raises the prospect of the scheme failing the so-called market corporation test.

Deputy Cowen commented “The emergence of this draft report is another blow to credibility of Irish Water, the Environment Minister and the entire Government strategy on Irish Water.

“The Commission is not saying anything that Fianna Fáil has not been pointing out since this sorry saga began, but the fact that question marks are now being raised over the feasibility of Irish Water passing the market corporation test at a European level is a significant development.

“The Government has staked whatever credibility it has left on their super quango passing this test. They have poured untold millions into this organisation and continually refused to outline any Plan B.

“Irish Water was the wrong model, implemented disastrously. Hundreds of millions, which should have been invested in infrastructure, has been poured into this fiasco.

“If it now fails the market corporation test, which was the whole point of this costly exercise, the Government’s future will have to come under serious scrutiny.”