Fianna Fáil TD for Clare Timmy Dooley says farm organisations need to be given time and space to talk to their members about the deal struck last weekend. He has called for all efforts to be made, on all sides to find a resolution to the ongoing beef crisis.

Speaking during a Dáil debate on the beef sector, Deputy Dooley said, “Over the past number of years farmers have lost trust with the meat processing industry and a belief that all other players in the sector are getting their share, but the farmers are not being treated fairly. This is what has led us to the crisis which has developed in recent weeks and months.

“For years, farmers have not believed they have been getting a fair return from the marketplace. In their minds and the minds of a lot of people, the Minister has failed as an independent arbitrator to put in place a regulator that would have brought some transparency to the sector.

“Last weekend’s deal is a welcome move, but we now need to give the farming organisations time to advocate all of the aspects of the agreement. Meat Industry Ireland (MII) and the Agriculture Minister for Agriculture must also ensure that all of the agreed actions are implemented promptly.

“Fianna Fáil has brought forward a Dáil motion today calling for immediate action to be taken to address the current income crisis facing beef farmers.

“These include requesting CAP market disturbance aid for price losses suffered since May; working towards the introduction of a €200 suckler cow payment in the next CAP and implementing the EU new Directive on Unfair Trading Practices into Irish law, which should be enforced by an independent National Food Ombudsman.

“The government needs to demonstrate its commitment to farmers by supporting this motion and taking real action to help farmers affected by the beef crisis,” concluded Deputy Dooley.