Fianna Fáil TD for Wicklow Stephen Donnelly has said the Government is set to support his proposals aimed at preventing ticket-touts from ripping off people for sporting and entertainment events.

Deputy Donnelly put forward the ‘Prohibition of Above-Cost Ticket Touting Bill’ in January 2017 which bans the above-face value resale of tickets for sporting and entertainment events. Deputy Donnelly has continued to raise the issue in the Dáil since then and has pressured the Government into taking action to protect consumers.

Deputy Donnelly said, “For too long, genuine music and sports fans have been ripped off by organised ticket touting. While there has always been some low-level touting, the move to online sales and ‘bots’ has brought ticket touting to an industrial scale.

“Recent assertions to a Westminster committee link some of this to organised crime, based partly in Ireland. Time and time again, fans are being told that all tickets are sold out on the primary sales website, while almost immediately being able to buy those same tickets at much higher prices on other websites. Fans suffer, as do artists and sporting bodies.

“I co-sponsored legislation in January 2017 aimed at tackling ticket-touts. I have continued to raise this matter with the Government and have pushed for action to protect music and sports fans who all too often find themselves priced out of the market. Today the Government has announced that it will support my legislation in order to protect fans, artists and sporting bodies.

“I very much look forward to getting it through the Oireachtas and into law as quickly as possible. I will continue to keep the pressure on the Government to progress this legislation through the Oireachtas as quickly as possible so that we can protect genuine music and sports fans,” concluded Deputy Donnelly.