Fianna Fáil TD for Wicklow Stephen Donnelly has called on people in Wicklow to keep an eye on their elderly neighbours as the cold snap hits the country.

“Irish people are inherently decent and will want look out for their elderly neighbours, but sometimes the busyness of daily life may mean it gets forgotten.

“Older people are very proud and they may not ask for help or assistance, but they will accept it, if offered.

“Over the next few days knock around to your elderly neighbours or families – check that they have enough basic foods such as bread, milk, tea as well as enough fuel for their fires or stoves. Make sure that they have a few bottles of bottled water in case water pipes burst.

“Also check that they have credit for their mobile, that it’s charged at all times or that their landline phone is working properly.

“Fianna Fáil has been pushing for an additional payment to be made under the Fuel Allowance given the exceptional cold spell that has been forecast. Older people need to be able to stock up on the extra fuel they need without having to worry about running out of money for other basic essentials.

“The Government needs to provide certainty to older people and make sure that an additional payment is made under the Fuel Allowance. We can’t have any uncertainty which could prevent older people from keeping themselves warm,” concluded Deputy Donnelly.