Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Dublin John Lahart TD says more needs to be done to tackle litter and dumping across the capital.

Deputy Lahart said, “Unfortunately people will be all too familiar with the sight and smells associated with Dublin’s growing litter problem. Full bin bags are often left on footpaths in the busy city centre streets awaiting collection for hours on end. These bin bags are at the mercy of seagulls which seem to be growing more aggressive by the day. The end result is an abundance of litter and leftover food choking up our footpaths and streets.

“Dublin City Council needs to be proactive in dealing with this problem. The waste collection companies must be flexible with their collection timetable for city centre areas during the busy summer months. It’s unacceptable that bin bags are left sitting in streets for hours on end awaiting collection.

“Dumping of household waste is also becoming a serious issue in certain areas of the city. It is taking far too long to dispose of such waste which is only exacerbating the problem as it sends a signal that casual dumping is acceptable. People living in these areas deserve better. They should not have to dodge mounds of rubbish as they walk to their local bus stop or shop.

“The litter and dumping problem is also having an impact on our local tourism industry. We don’t want a situation where tourists are returning home and telling their family and friends about Dublin’s litter problem,” concluded Deputy Lahart.