Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Brexit Stephen Donnelly TD has said that transitional arrangements between the UK and the EU could play an important role in terms of easing the impact of Brexit.

Deputy Donnelly made the comments following a public disagreement among the UK Cabinet on the need for transitional arrangements after the completion of Brexit negotiations.

Deputy Donnelly said, “It is absolutely critical that a cliff is avoided for Ireland. This would be an unprecedented event, creating barriers to trade, grounding air travel in the UK and causing real difficulties along the border. For sectors such as agriculture, it represents an existential threat.

“The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer and Brexit Minister disagree on the need for transitional arrangements after negotiations end. If a transitional period is put in place beyond March 2019, the cliff can be avoided. It will also lessen the damage caused by allowing businesses time to adjust.

“The EU and UK must work together to avoid a cliff edge scenario, that means putting in place a transitional period.”