Cork North West TD, Aindrias Moynihan has said that he is very concerned at the slow pace of delivery of social housing in the Ballincollig area, and that many people on the housing list are very frustrated and worried about their future housing needs.

Deputy Moynihan who has a full time constituency office in Ballincollig was commenting after it became clear that the promised delivery of 34 social housing units behind McDonalds on the Old Fort Road has been stalled.

“It’s clear that the Government’s ability to deliver social housing has been severely reduced, and the result is hundreds of families in Ballincollig waiting years and years on waiting lists.

“The introduction of a new Choice Based Letting scheme in the areas was promoted to people as a positive development, but with just three houses in Ballincollig put on offer, supply was simply swamped by demand with each house receiving over 200 offers.

“The Government must step up to the mark and start investing in the building of a greater number of social housing units. That is the only way to meet the severe demand for housing in the area.

“Last week’s announcement that the Government is moving away from the acquisition of houses for use by local authorities and towards the building of new social housing units is welcome.

“However, there is a severe lag from the time a decision is made to build new units to the time a family moves in – in many cases it can be two to three years.

“I know that the County Council are planning a medium sized development at Poulavone but this still requires the jump the first hurdle of getting Departmental permission, never mind passing all the various planning stages.

“With the stalling of the 34 houses near the Old Fort, the small number of houses coming on stream via the Choice Based Letting system, and the time it will take for the new units at Poulavone to be built and made ready for families, the hundreds of people in Ballincollig waiting for a council house are rightly concerned and frustrated with the Government’s failure to deliver.

“We need to increase the ability of Council’s to deliver their own housing units, reduce the red tape that adds extra delays to the delivery to these must needed homes, and deliver the investment needed to build these units as quickly as possible,” concluded Moynihan.