Fianna Fáil Councillor Raymond Aughey has called on the Justice Minister to outline why community CCTV schemes, announced more than 18 months ago, are still not up and running.

Monaghan is one of three local authority areas which is waiting on the scheme to be rolled out.

Cllr. Aughey said, “The CCTV scheme was announced as part of the Programme for Partnership Government in 2017, yet more than a year and a half later, there is no sign of it being set up in Monaghan.  We are all well aware of how successful these schemes are in other areas, and I am calling on Minister Flanagan to outline what the delay is with the Monaghan application.

“Funding has been allocated and there is huge local support for the establishment of a CCTV network across Monaghan.  It is imperative that the outstanding issues are resolved without delay.

“CCTV not only deters crime, it provides a sense of security for people who may be worried about crime in their area.  It can often provide key evidence to the Gardaí investigating incidents and helps people feel safer on their streets.

“Fianna Fáil secured a clear commitment for investment in CCTV in the Confidence and Supply Arrangement.  The delays which have been experienced since then are completely unacceptable.  I am calling on all sides to work together to ensure that the issues which have arisen over the past number of months are resolved so that an effective CCTV scheme can be established here in Monaghan”.