Fianna Fáil Senator Mark Daly has called on the Government to immediately announce that it will support legislation presented to the last Seanad which would bring about labelling for mobile phones to inform users, especially those under 16, of the risks posed by prolonged use.
Senator Daly pointed out that Lloyd’s insurance of London has refused to indemnify mobile phone companies from claims related to health issues caused by mobile phones.
A working group of 31 scientists from 14 countries said a review of all the available scientific evidence suggested mobile phone use should be classified as “possibly carcinogenic.” It was previously the position of the WHO that there was no established evidence for a link between mobile phone use and cancer.
Senator Daly said: “In light of the alarming conclusion of the World Health Organisation that mobile phones possibly cause cancer I believe the Government should ensure that the public is made aware of this and pass legislation to put warnings on mobile phones.”
Senator Daly said: “The WHO has now put mobile phone use in the same cancer risk category as lead, chloroform and coffee. While I fully support the WHO view that more detailed research is needed on this issue I believe Ireland can take a world lead on this issue by ensuring the public is aware of the developments in this area.
“This is about applying a ‘precautionary principal’ advocated by the European Environmental Agency EEA in relation to mobile phones use by children. I urge the Government to adopt this practical proposal to warn the public about a potentially serious health problem. It is better to be proactive rather than reactive”.  
“In the last Seanad I, along with Senators Niall Ó Brolchain and Mark Dearey, published Mobile Phone Labelling Legislation to make Ireland the first country in the World to enact Legislation to warn of the dangers of mobile phones, particularly where children are involved,” Senator Daly concluded.

Mobile Phone Radiation Warning Bill 2011