Fianna Fáil’s parliamentary party has published a motion which will be voted on in the Dáil next Wednesday calling for education and training to receive priority in the forthcoming supplementary budget.
Outlining the background to the motion on behalf of the parliamentary party, Deputy Brendan Smith said that this will be the first time that the new Dáil has debated the education sector and the purpose of the motion is to state clearly that education should receive priority when key spending decisions are taken.
Deputy Smith explained “this debate will give all parties an opportunity to debate education and the motion is a positive one which should receive all-party backing.  The motion notes some of the extra resources which have been allocated to education and training over past years, but it also acknowledges that significant issues remain and that education and training are central to economic recovery and job creation.”
“The fiscal framework published last year provided for an increase in education staff of 2,000 at a time when the rest of the public service is losing significant numbers and it also funded an extra 15½ thousand training places.  The framework gives a clear priority to education and we believe that this should continue.”
“We want this debate to be constructive, so we have tabled a motion which is non-partisan and can be supported by any deputy who agrees that for many social and economic reasons education is vital for Ireland’s future.  It clearly acknowledges that there are serious issues to be addressed, but is a positive statement that Dáil Éireann wants education to be a priority in its work.”