Fianna Fáil Housing Spokesperson, Darragh O’Brien TD has said it is abundantly clear that this Government must dramatically change its approach in trying to curb the rocketing price of rent nationwide.

The latest Housing Report published earlier this morning indicates that the average price of rent in Dublin has reached a record high and is currently 23% higher than previously ever recorded.

O’Brien commented, “News that the average rent price in our Capital has reached such a peak, coming close to €2,000 a month, will be demoralising to so many across Ireland this morning.

“A 12.4% rise year-on-year is categorical proof that this Government’s ill-thought, underwhelming measures are not working.

“Rising costs in rent are not just confined to Dublin either; prices are in fact continuing to shoot up elsewhere in the country too. Galway, Limerick, Waterford and other places around the country such as Tipperary and Louth have all risen by over 10%.

“Forking out for rent increases that are thirty times inflation – is it any wonder that there are more people forced out on our streets than ever before?

“Supply has reached an all-time low while the degree of pressure on the private rental sector means more and more have no hope of ever owning their own home. Paying rent at these prices makes saving for a mortgage impossible.

“Government must immediately strengthen and enhance the Rent Pressure Zone System by providing the Residential Tenancies Board with investigatory powers.

“The Taoiseach and his Housing Minister need to realize that the housing crisis is not a PR opportunity. It requires focus and new thinking and a level of energy that we have not seen to date”, concluded O’Brien.