Fianna Fáil TD, Barry Cowen has said the decision of the Department of Justice to grant leave to remain for Nonso, Victor and Chidiebere Muojeke in Ireland is a victory for common sense, and one which the community is Tullamore welcomes.

“I was thrilled to have been able to support the Save Nonso and the Muojeke Family from deportation campaign in the Dáil. The two boys and their mother have been part and parcel of the Tullamore community for many years, and it would have flown in the face of common sense to send them back to a country they didn’t know.

“Nonso and Victor have both been issued with a Stamp Two: Leave to Remain permission while their mother, Chidiebere has been issued with a Stamp One: Leave to Remain permission.

“This is great news for all of them, and the local campaign who stood behind the family over the past number of months,” concluded Cowen.