Fianna Fáil Environment Spokesperson Barry Cowen has made a final plea to the Government to extend today’s deadline for the registration of septic tanks.

Deputy Cowen has called on the deadline to be extended until the National Inspection Plan is published so people fully know what they are signing up to.

“The ham-fisted way the Minster has handled the whole registration process has left a huge amount of confusion. Septic Tank owners simply don’t know what the legislation means for them.

“The Government has rammed through this legislation without informing the public of its implications or the new standards that must be met. While it is welcome the Government caved into pressure from Fianna Fáil to provide grant aid, septic tank owners will not be able to avail of this unless they sign up for legislation they know very little about. It is also disappointing that the Grant Aid has been capped at €4,000 considering that some septic tank upgrades may involve much higher costs.

“I am again appealing to Minister Hogan to extend the registration deadline to end of April so that the new inspection standards can be published and scrutinised in full.

“It is completely unfair of the Minister to force the hand of septic tank owners in this way while so much confusion remains about the legislation and the inspection standards in particular.

“In the likelihood that Minister Hogan will again reject my calls for reason with this, I would urge all septic tank owners who have not registered to do so today so they can avail of the grant aid.”