Fianna Fáil Cllr Joe Flaherty has called on Longford County Council to give a commitment that the storm drains in all towns and villages are cleared out at least once a year to prevent flash flooding from occurring.
Cllr Flaherty added that the heavy rain experienced in Longford last Friday evening highlights the shifts in weather patterns and the need for storm drains to be kept clear to prevent flash flooding as multiple inches of rain fall within a matter of minutes.


Cllr Flaherty said, “A serious amount of rain fell within a matter of minutes last Friday, giving rise to flash flooding. I know that the flooding was especially bad outside Vaughan’s Day Break store outside the greyhound track on the Park Road in Longford. Several people on St Mel’s Road also experienced difficulty in accessing their homes. We’re lucky that the rain did not continue or else we would be recovering from a serious flooding event.


“The storm drains in towns and villages across Longford need to be cleared routinely at least once a year. With the drains unable to cope with the heavy rains, large amounts of silt and soil were washed into corners of estates or on bends in the road and have created additional work for the local Tidy Towns groups ahead of the annual judging in the coming weeks.


“The two snow storms over the winter, and the necessity for large amounts of salt to be spread on the roadways, has also contributed storm drains becoming blocked. I know several of the roads in and around Longford town on Friday evening were extremely dangerous for driving and whilst we cannot control the weather we need to ensure that we are prepared for all eventualities as best we can,” concluded Cllr Flaherty.