Senator Thomas Byrne has claimed that Meath County Council need to go back to basics in relation to tourism and ensure that roads in tourist areas are in good shape.

“I welcome all of the work that is being done by various agencies, including the County Council promoting the County and the region from a tourism perspective. However, I really feel that Council needs to go back to basics to ensure that the road network in some of our most important areas is up to scratch.

“I raised this issue in a recent meeting with the County Manager in Navan, that it was all very well having a tourist strategy, but if the road net woe wasn’t up to scratch, then we were wasting our time.

Byrne particularly highlighted the state of the roads at Bru Na Boinne World Heritage Site. “The condition of the roads in Dowth and Newgrange in particular has been nothing short of embarrassing with thousands of foreign tourists literally expected to bump along on potholed roads to visit globally important passage tombs and megalithic art.

“I also understand from sources in the OPW that the state of the roads is having an adverse effect on their buses used to transport tourists from Brú Na Boinne to the monuments.

“I have also asked the Council to take a look at the access and parking arrangements at the hill of Tara, as I have had complaints from bus operators. However, while I accept that there are limitations and restrictions here, I do not accept that nothing can be done”.