Fianna Fáil TD for Wicklow and Cllr Pat Vance have welcomed support for their ambitious plan for a sports campus for North Wicklow.

Earlier this week, Cllr Pat Vance put forward amendments to the proposal which received widespread support. As a result, the campus has increased in size to 22 hectares.

The motion was seconded by Cllr Chris Fox. The council also agreed to move the development of the sports campus to phase one of the development. Previously, the campus had been proposed for phases two and three.

Deputy Donnelly commented, “I am delighted that the council has shown such strong support for Cllr Vance’s proposal to see the size of the sport campus increase by 10%.

“With massive demand from sports and active space in North Wicklow, this is a massive boost. It is also very positive to see that the proposed development of the campus has been moved to phase 1. With clubs such as Ardmore Rovers FC, Enniskerry FC, Bray Hockey Club and Enniskerry Boxing Club and others growing at such speed, this brings forward the use of the facility considerably.

“As amendments have been made to the plan, another period of consultation will begin. It is vital that all clubs and community groups who need this facility inform Wicklow County Council of their support for the plans. I would encourage anyone who is a member of a club, or who believes there is a need for these facilities to contact the council to show their support.

Cllr. Vance commented, “I would like to thank the members of Wicklow County Council who supported my proposals. The increase in the size of the campus from 20 hectares to 22 hectares is a considerable boost for all the clubs in the county who are struggling to find a suitable home.

“I have been working to develop these proposals for a number of years, and I believe that the plan agreed by Wicklow County Council is both workable and ambitious. We are coming close to securing a facility of the same scale as many campus facilities on major universities. This would be an incredible boost for the county.”