Fianna Fáil’s Aindrias Moynihan has said that common sense has finally prevailed with the announcement that only tractors with a maximum design speed exceeding 40km/hr which are being used for non-agricultural activities will require roadworthiness testing.

“This is a major victory for ordinary farmers and one which should not have been necessary if the Government had been more aware of the reality on the ground in rural Ireland.

“Last October, I highlighted that proposed changes which would have required all tractors travelling greater than 25 km would need to undergo road worthiness testing was foolish new practice.

“As I said at the time these proposals are ‘simply another attempt by the Minister to distract from his repeated failures in his department since his appointment to Government.’

“I pointed out that the arbitrary 25km rule made no sense due to farm lands not always being contiguous and the necessity for farmers to collect supplies from the local co-op which are not always exactly nearby.

“Thanks to consistent lobbying from a variety of farming organisations, and, I believe, my repeated calls for common sense, the Minister for Transport has changed his proposal to reflect reality on the ground.

“Ensuring more public transport options in rural Ireland would be a much more beneficial use of Minister Ross’ time. The Government need to stop meddling, focus on the bigger picture, and also ensure that our local and regional roads are brought up the standard that communities in rural Ireland need,” proposed Moynihan.