Fianna Fáil Justice Spokesperson Niall Collins has reiterated his call for the Taoiseach to make a statement to explain his alleged attempt to interfere in a family law case, exposed in today’s Sunday Independent.


The deputy also dismissed a statement from Minister Alan Shatter earlier today, claiming that it amounted to little more than ‘typical bluster’ from the Minister.


Deputy Collin commented, “The decision of the Taoiseach to use his position to seek information on behalf of a constituent in a family law case constitutes an outrageous failure of judgment.


“The decision of two of his Ministers to then seek to dismiss the issue in the way that Leo Varadker and Alan Shatter have done today compounds the failure.


“Alan Shatter’s statement earlier today is a classic of the Minister’s genre – at once arrogant and dismissive, it claims to contradict the Sunday Independent, but actually amounts to little more typical bluster and instead confirms the key and most damaging facts of the story.  Namely, he confirms that the Taoiseach sent not one, but two letters making representations in the context of a family law case.  Further he confirms that he responded to the Taoiseach pointing out the inappropriateness of the request.


“The Taoiseach does not need Alan Shatter to fight his battles – Alan Shatter behaved appropriately in the first instance and should now stay out of the matter.  The Taoiseach instead needs to explain publicly the background to his involvement and apologise to the parties that could have been negatively affected by his intervention.”