Fianna Fáil Environment Spokesperson Niall Collins has called on Minister Phil Hogan to set out a clear time frame for the introduction of his series of stealth taxes on households and to come clean about the size of these taxes.


Deputy Collins said, “It’s time for Minister Hogan to stop dodging questions about the triple taxes facing households over the next two years. I made repeated attempts in the Dáil yesterday to get straight answers from Minister Hogan about whether his flat-rate household charge will be# scrapped when water metering and property taxes are introduced.


“The Minister’s refusal to answer this simple question is a clear signal that homes around country will be forced to pay the flat-rate household tax at the same time that they are paying for their water. It also seems that they will then be hit by a property tax on top of these other charges. And there is absolutely no indication of how large these taxes will be.


“Minister Hogan has also refused to explain what he intends to do with the money generated from the household charge. Will it be used to fund the expensive water metering process? Will the funding go directly to local authorities, and if so what steps will the Minister take to ensure that communities will directly feel the benefit of this extra local authority funding?


“It is time for Minister Hogan to realise that the majority of households in this country are on very tight budgets and they need to know what extra charges will be forced upon them over the next two years. I want the Minister to clarify if he intends to scrap the household charge when the Irish Water company is set up. I also want him to stand up and be honest with the public about size of his flat rate tax.”