Local Fianna Fáil TD and Spokesperson for National Drugs Strategy, Jack Chambers has said that the decision to close services in the Blanchardstown based drug treatment service; Adapt is counterproductive to the broader strategy of tackling problem drug use.

The project which provides outreach and drop-in services is set to close later this summer after operating in the community for almost twenty years.

“The number of people seeking treatment for problem drug use has been steadily on the rise in recent years. This is likely to be as a consequence of the increased use of recreational drugs, which has in turn led to some people developing addictions to certain substances,” explained the Deputy.

“From my engagement with various addiction charities and organisations, I have become more aware that every individual with an addiction requires varied needs and support. There is no clear treatment path for everyone with an addiction.

“However, it is well acknowledged that those seeking drug treatment services tend to have better outcomes when these services are located within their own communities.”

He added, “It is supposedly the aim of the Health Service Executive to treat people at the lowest level of complexity and as close to home as possible, yet they “strongly support” the decision to close an important, efficient community based service in an area where a significant drug problem exists.

“The decision to wind down this local project is a major setback for the development of co-ordinated, community led drug services in Dublin West.

“We need to all better understand that detox, treatment and rehabilitation are three different stages of recovery for any person suffering with an addiction. Many are eager to move beyond harm reduction, active drug-use and onto living a life beyond a dependency on drugs.

“The priority should remain on establishing more long term solutions that will reach everyone suffering from a life-controlling addiction,” concluded Deputy Chambers.