News today, Wednesday 3rd August 2011 that the Mox Nuclear fuel plant at Sellafield in Cumbria is to close is welcome news for those living on Ireland’s east coast.  Campaign groups in Ireland have been advocating the closure of the entire Sellafield plant for many years and have continuously expressed concern over the threat that the nuclear facility poses to the Irish coast and its residents.
Their concerns have always been well founded and these have been borne out in recent months with the accident at Fukushima in Japan and the arrests of suspected terrorists at the plant earlier this year.
According to the organisation Nuclear Free Local Authorities, of which Bray Town Council is a member, there have been “continuous operational and technical difficulties at Sellafield in recent times.”
Cllr Grant commented that “the continued operation of Sellafield presents an on-going danger to Ireland.  The fear has always been that something could go wrong at the plant and cause irreparable damage to our country.
Following Germany’s announcement that they intend to get rid of all their nuclear plants by 2022 surely it’s time for all countries do consider doing likewise and look to more environmentally sustainable forms of energy.
Despite the closure of this particular part of Sellafield’s operation the wider plant will continue to operate and there is a great need to continue the campaign to shut the plant down and rid our neighbourhood of this menace.”